Ben & Jack go Kayak Fishing

Ben & Jack go Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing should be on every fishing enthusiast’s bucket list. With Autumn officially amongst us, your chances of putting your rod to good use are drying up; what better way to send off Summer than kayak fishing. Our team members from Marketing, Jack and Ben, put kayak fishing to the test.

They docked their kayaks in the early morning at Sunnyside beach and worked their way towards Mornington, casting into the rocks and reeds where fish are usually found. A cloudless sky and the sun out, meant clear waters, easy for spotting fish.

With them, they brought only the essentials. A durable tackle box with the right hooks for the local fish, an easy-to-use rod, a deep landing net, and a valid fishing license. For the tackle box, Jack and Ben chose to take the Plano tackle box not only for its durability, but for all the saltwater equipment it comes with. They didn’t have to worry about sinkers, scalers or swivels as these plus more were already included. There was still plenty of room in there to fit in a fishing plier and knife combo that came in handy when safely unhooking the lure from the fish, ready for release.

ben and jack side-by-side
sunnyside beach

For the hooks, Jack and Ben used a squid jig to catch squid, and normal hook rigs for fish such as Snapper, Whiting and Flathead. The bait they chose to use was squid, available at Select Aussies stores, for its toughness that meant their bait stayed on the hook for longer. For the rod, a Shakespeare Pro Touch 7' Spin was used for its suitability to rock and beach fishing, with ease of use for beginners, and was paired with a landing net, 60cm deep, that made catching from the kayak smoother. Lastly, the fishing license. For this fishing trip, a three-day license worked just fine, but for trips with more rod time, licenses from 28 days to three years are available from Select Aussies stores.

With the Easter weekend approaching us, there is no better time to jump in on the fun and experience first-hand the numerous advantages that kayak fishing gives you for those hard-to-reach feeding spots.