How to Start a Fire

How to Start a Fire

When picking a location to start your fire, firstly check whether there are designated locations for a fire to be placed or whether you are allowed to have a fire where you are staying/ camping. When the location has been sorted out, please ensure that the fire has a three metre clearing of anything that could lead to a wild fire.  (i.e. clear any dry grass or leaves or use rocks to create a circular barrier around the fire).

STEP 1: Gather all the necessities to get your fire started.

  • Tinder
  • This is an item that will ignite with ease when the flame is added. Tinder can consist of paper, newspaper, dry grasses, leaves, bark etc.
  • Kindling
  • This type of fire fuel is bigger and more substantial than your aforementioend tinder. Kindling can consist of a bulk amount of small twigs.
  • Large Logs
  • These will be the main bulk of your fuel and ensure that the fire burns for an extended period of time. Start off with medium size logs then work your way up in size as the fire increases in heat.

STEP 2: Building your fire from the ground up

  • Place the kindling around the tinder in a pyramid like shape
  • Then, simply place a small amount of the medium sized logs around this hand crafted fire pyramid

Pyramid fire

STEP 3: Light your fire

  • Light your tinder in a few different locations around the fire
  • If your tinder seems to not be burning well, you can try giving it a few puffs of air to help enhance the flame

Small Fire

STEP 4: Keep your fire going

  • Once your fire has begun to establish and mature, you can begin to add large logs when the heat is strong enough.

Fire Final