Aussie's Takes on Mt. Buller

Aussie's Takes on Mt. Buller

Early Tuesday morning a team of 18 set off to take on Mt Buller to familiarize ourselves with Buller Sports, to understand the “customer experience” at the other end of our snow hire transactions and to carve up some fresh powder as the pro’s would say.

We set out at 5am, with Peter W being way too cheery for that time of the morning. By 9am we were up on the mountain in the freezing temperatures, glad that we all had our thermals to keep us toasty. The staff at Buller Sports Central were friendly and very helpful getting us all fitted out with our ski’s, snowboards and whatever other gear we needed and in no time we were ready to hit the slopes.

With all of our varying skill levels, some took lessons and others jumped straight onto the lifts, everyone had a great time on the snow, some of us spending more time wiping out than actually skiing/snowboarding, overall it was a fun day for all with only a few of us walking away with injuries.

Bus Pic
Ski Lift

The takeaway for those who had the opportunity to spend the day at Buller was to understand what our customers will have to do once they arrive on the mountain and how the hire process is conducted, so have a chat to one of the guys that went along and familiarize yourself with the process at the other end and how we can make the customer experience as smooth as possible.

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Special thanks to Luke for taking on the job as bus driver, as well as Trev and Peter W for organizing the day for us!