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Day Bags in Australia

On any serious outdoor adventure, storage and carrying capacity is an important concern. At Aussie Disposals, we have a huge range of backpacks and day bags for anyone who needs to get their gear from point A to point B. It’s important to get a bag which suits your back and the type of gear you have to carry, but you can trust that no matter what you buy from us, it’s going to get the job done.


The Biggest and Best Brands Under One Roof

Our catalogue includes trusted brands like Hi-Country, Black Wolf and Caribee. We carry everything from day bags, hike packs, travel packs and shoulder bags through to wheelie bags, gear bags and school bags in Australia. We especially recommend our range of hiking backpacks. Made from lightweight materials without sacrificing strength and toughness, they’re specially made to be comfortable to wear on long and strenuous hikes. There’s no doubt as to the quality product you’re getting when you choose day bags from our range.


We’ve Got It in the Bag

Whether you want a spacious bag for your next camping trip or you’re looking for high school backpacks in Australia, we’ve got you covered no matter what capacity or style of bag you need. Our entire range is available right now for purchase in-store or through our intuitive online shop. If you just can’t wait to pick up your backpack, or if you can’t make it out to one of our outlets, then check out our online deals. You’ll get the same low price you would from us anywhere else. Speak to us today to learn more.