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TAS 60Lt Rucksack Auscam

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Introducing the best military-grade rucksack

No matter what your destination is, when venturing into the great outdoors, you need gear that’s going to stand up against rugged terrain and harsh conditions with flying colors. As an adventurer, that means you’re going to need a backpack that can carry all of your gear no matter where your travels take you. At Aussie Disposals, we’re proud to bring you the TAS 60L AUSCAM Rucksack for all of your expedition needs.

When a regular bag simply won’t cut it, the TAS rucksack is armed with various features that are all designed to give you the best experience possible. Whether embarking on a weekend hike or multi-night adventure, the TAS rucksack will comfortably and safely carry all of your gear.

At Aussie Disposals, we understand just how harsh and diverse the Australian climate can be, which is why the TAS rucksack has been designed with military-grade canvas that can withstand any conditions you encounter. Continue reading below to learn about the many features this travel bag has to offer.

The best backpack features all-in-one

When you’re preparing for a long, multi-day hike into the great outdoors, the last thing you need to be worrying about is having enough space for all of your gear from tent and sleeping gear to rations and hunting equipment. Rather than having to compromise or leave important items behind, the TAS rucksack comes with a spacious 60L capacity, allowing you to fit everything you need into one bag. With convenient top loading and a built-in bottom zipper, you’ll always be able to quickly access your gear.

Coming standard with two large compartments, this TAS travel bag gives you the ability to keep your gear nicely organized so you’re not digging around when it’s time to set up camp. In addition, every unit is MOLLE compatible so you can add extra pouches and accessories as needed and create the ultimate canvas backpack.

Between the durable 900 denier fabric and AUSCAM pattern, this is one of the longest lasting and best looking rucksacks on the market. The weather resistant fabric will keep all of your gear dry even if it’s pouring rain, while the AUSCAM patterning allows you to easily blend into the environment without scaring off game animals on hunting trips.

Lastly, the padded shoulder straps and adjustable ladder harness make traveling with the TAS rucksack easier than ever. By allowing you to support the load from both your shoulders and waist, you’ll be able to travel greater distances without feeling fatigued.

What to pair with your new rucksack

Sleeping & Bedding

If you’re planning overnight trips with your new rucksack, our sleeping and bedding products are essentials you simply can’t pass up on. Built with the same durability and comfort, all of our sleeping bags and bedding can easily fit into this spacious bag. When you’re in the great outdoors, sleeping comfortably is the only way to go.

Tents & Swags

The temperamental Australian climate can throw a number of harsh conditions at the unsuspecting adventurer, so make sure you’re prepared with a military-grade tent or swag. Built to keep you dry and comfortable, all of our tents and swags can breakdown and store away effortlessly in your new rucksack.


Gear up for your expedition with performance clothing that’s ready to push the boundaries of adventure. At Aussie Disposals, all of our outdoor and hiking clothing is designed to keep you dry and boost performance when on the trails. Browse through our wide selection of products now and make sure you’re fully prepared.

  • Fabric:Nylon
  • Military Type:Packs and Bags
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