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Wear a Piece of History

As one of Australia’s most iconic objects, we proudly carry the slouch hat which directly mirrors the design of the original dating all the way back to 1885. This historic hat was made an army standard issue by 1903 where it then became a famous symbol of the Australian fighting man during world war one and two.


After countless battles and heroic achievements, the slouch hat is still worn by military personnel today and has become a ceremonial tradition on ANZAC Day. The turned up left brim was originally adopted so that the slouch hat would not get in the way during drill movements and is still worn this way during ceremonial duties.

Reliable, Comfortable, Legendary

In order to keep with traditional, all of the Aussie slouch hats we carry are built with durable, genuine rabbit fur just as they always have been. This rigid material gives the hat a stiff design that will easily keep its shape even after countless wearings. For added comfort, the body of the hat is lined with breathable holes so you never get too hot even if spending hours outside.


With every hat also comes the traditional digger ‘Rising Sun” badge that was worn by soldiers of the first and second Australian Imperial Forces during both world wars. Use this badge of honor to pin up the left side of your slouch hat or anywhere else to give it the authentic look and feel of an Aussie digger.


Along the inside of the hat is a leather headband to provide a snug, comfortable fit all day long. The chin strap is also made with genuine leather and easily adjustable so you can wear it as loosely or as tightly as you would like.

Show Your Patriotism

Whether you’re hiking or hunting, the Aussie slouch hat is a perfect companion for the outdoorsman that’s going to be spending time in the sun. The wide brim of this hat is great for protecting your face and neck from the harsh sunlight so you can more easily focus on your surroundings. On the other hand, many customers buy this hat to honor and commemorate all who served in wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations.

  • Comes with rising star badge
  • Optional clip up side
  • Breathable holes
  • Stiff design
  • Material: Genuine Rabbit Fur, Inner leather headband, Leather Chin Strap
  • Colour: Khaki
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