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Hardwear Clothing Range – Rough Wearing and Easy-Going

When you’re out on the job site, you need to know your clothing’s going to work as hard as you do. Aussie Disposals are proud to supply a broad range of Hardwear clothing, because we’ve seen what it can do when put through its paces. Subjected to a battery of tests to make sure they’re living up to their name, Hardwear products are guaranteed to last out in the field, even under the toughest, roughest, hardest conditions. Don’t waste your time buying gear you can’t trust. Go Hard, or go home.

Clothing for every job and everybody on site

Hardwear is manufactured by dedicated specialists, designed to be the ultimate in long lasting workwear. Selling exclusively clothes for those on the job, you know that there’s nothing here that isn’t necessary or gets in the way. Hardwear clothing offers high visibility, high mobility, high breathability and plenty of pockets; everything a working man needs. There’s vests, boots and jackets in a more utilitarian cut for the on-site executive, and knee-pads for the guy getting really down and dirty out there. Whatever specifics you need in your clothing every day, you can buy from them through Aussie Disposals.

Get the lowest prices on the whole range here in one place

Aussie Disposals already promises you the fairest price you can get on the entire range of Hardwear products, but when you order from our online store there’s even more reason to be excited. Our web store’s user friendly interface puts all of these products on a single page for you to browse by image, with a powerful search function if you need to narrow them down further. With all products set to match our low in-store prices there’s no reason not to pick up your new set of work gear right here, right now.