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MozziGear have a wide range of mosquito protective gear to suit everyone needs. Everyone is affected by mosquitos differently, MossiGear heaps protect everyone. MozziGear is perfect for camping, school camps, scout and cadets, and so much more!

Mosquito Wipes
Mosquito wipes are perfect for everyone, these wipes are soft and gentle with added Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. These wipes are non-greasy which means they can put on and you can continue on your way. Coming in a pack of 3, 10 wipes per packet, they are handy to put in your day pack. DEET Free, a good alternative if you want to go chemical free.

Mosquito Bands

A different alternative to using creams, wipes and lotions, these bands are great! These silicon bands can be worn up for 48 hours; they are great to keep away mosquitos, insects and sand files. These bands are waterproof and non-toxic, contain citronella oil

Mosquito Click

The mosquito click helps to reduce itching from bites and stings in a couple of click times. Very simple to use, just place directly on the bite and click 5 times as needed. Suitable for anyone that is 6 months and old. These clickers last 5,000 bites, no battery needed.

Mosquito Repeller

The mosquito repeller is a portable repeller that can be work on your person or places close by. The repeller has a range of 3 meters and runs of a single flat cell battery. This ultra-sonic repellent is chemical free and odourless, perfect for anyone with sensitive skins. The repeller has three timer settings, 4hrs, 6hrs and 12hrs.