Adventure series

Adventure series

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Adventure Series has all you fishing needs covered.

Keeping you protected: Booted Chest Waders:
Adventure Series Booted Chest Waders are perfect for any river fishing enthusiast! These waders are completely waterproof and seemed sealed, ensure you stay dry underneath! The fabric is made with a tough 70 denier PVC material. The shoulder straps and belt are fully adjustable, perfect to get the right size!

Fishing Line and Rod Holders:
Adventure Series has you covered for all your fishing line needs. Coming in the following pounds: 6, 8, 10, 15, 20 and 30. So weather your catching small or big fish, they have you covered!
Adventure Line Series has two type of rod holders, a basic rod holder or adjustable rod holder.

Nets Adventure Series have a great range of nets, whether it’s handheld or drop nets.
All our handheld come in all difference size, starting at our smallest Red/Blue scoop nets, all the way up to our long handled prawn nets. These short handled nets for small fishing, whether it’s a pond at home or river fishing. Our longer handled nets are great from prawn catching!
Drop Nets:
Adventure Series drop nets come in a couple of different styles for all your netting needs! They have you covered whether you are catching crayfish or yabbies!