Handy Hint

When going skiing or snowboarding for the day make sure you inform family or friends of your location, where you intend to spend the day and when you plan to return. Although it may be cold, sun refl ects off the snow making sunburn a real danger. Always remember to take sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat. Keep informed as to the weather conditions and make sure you listen to the snow report before you go out. Taking your mobile phone is also a good idea. To avoid injury, know your ability and make sure you are always in control and able to stop and avoid other people and objects. It is a good idea to take lessons to improve, a lesson every 5th day will help you progress. Most importantly, never ski alone.

Some thing you might need

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Thermal Top
Thermal Long Johns
Fleece Skivvy
Fleece Jacket
Insulated Parka
Shell Jacket
Bib Brace Pant
Shell Pant
Neck Warmer
Energy Food
Lip Balm
Glove Liners
Socks/Spare Socks
Apres Ski Boots
Skis with Bindings
Ski Boots

Ski Poles
Snowboard with Bindings
Snowboard Boots
Ski Lock
Ski Bag
Boot Bag
Bumbag or Daypack
Hydration System Pack
Lift Ticket
Snow Chains
Rubber Gloves
Old Carpet Mat or Tarp
Small Shovel
Gate Pass
Travel Towel
Full Change of Clothes
Socks (Wool)
Warm Jacket
Sleeping Gear