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There is nothing better than heading away with the fishing gear packed, in anticipation of an afternoon spent on the side (or on top) of a river somewhere. At Aussie Disposals, we have built up an outstanding reputation as a one stop shop for any and all supplies you’d ever need when you’re heading somewhere for a fish.

Whether it be for specific rods or that perfect rod/reel combo for the kids we have all areas covered. Whatever species you’re looking to land, you’re certain to find the items you need here at Aussie Disposals.

Cheap fishing gear that doesn’t sacrifice quality in the slightest

It’s important that this type of equipment is great quality – the last thing you want is for something to malfunction while you’re out there enjoying yourself. Additionally, we have a firm belief that just because a product is of premium quality, it shouldn’t be accompanied by a ridiculously high price tag.

That’s precisely why we’ve made sure to supply the highest quality items across the board.  From this very well-made and wonderfully cheap fishing gear through to everything else you’ll find across our website or in our stores, we’re dedicated on delivering quality.

Offering an extensive range of outdoor products for fishing and more

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to make a big name for ourselves in the outdoor gear industry, and we stock a massive selection of products that have been manufactured with the outdoors at front of mind.

Check out our collection of various multi-tools and knives, the great choices of outdoor wear and so much more.

Speak with us if you’d like to know more

Either call us directly on (03) 9799 5777 or send us a message using our query form to discover more about any one of our available products.

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10 Item(s)