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Business Opportunities

A limited number of opportunities exist to join our successful chain of outdoor adventure stores! If you are enthusiastic about the outdoor industry then this would be the business for you. As part of our franchise expansion plans, some existing company owned stores will be offered for sale.

Businesses For Sale

Opportunities exist for "green" sites throughout southern N.S.W, regional areas of South Australia and country areas throughout Victoria. At present we do not allow franchise stores within metropolitan areas of Melbourne.

Current Franchises For Sale

Aussie Dispsoals Bendigo

Aussie Dispsoals Wagga Wagga

For more information, contact Jamie Dorrity (Franchise Director) on +61 (03) 9799 5777 or email him.

Experience Counts

Aussie Disposals have successfully traded for more than 60 years and in that time there have certainly been some tough economic times and we have seen many of our opposition close their doors. In 1980 a decision was made to embark into franchising and in those days, franchising was relatively new in Australia following on the back of American ideas. This has resulted in Aussie Disposals now having over 32 years of successful franchise retailing behind them and there are not many other retailers who can attest to this. Although experience is not everything in retailing, it certainly is a comforting fact to know that an icon like Aussie Disposals has plenty of experience to look back on as they move forward.

The Misconception

There is a common misconception that occurs with some people who are not sure about Aussie Disposals and what they do or sell. One of the most common misconceptions is that people believe we only sell military gear in our stores and some believe we are even owned by the Australian Army! It is true that in the early days we did have a majority of surplus and military products, however now the stores have 95% new products predominantly camping, clothing, footwear, work wear, fishing and four wheel drive gear as well as ski gear.

Military Surplus is still found in our stores and in fact we would still carry the best range of Military products in Australia even though this part of our business represents around 5% - 7% of our total turnover currently.

Franchisees currently within the system realise the uniqueness that military gear brings to our stores and this is one of the big differences between Aussie's and the opposition. Our buyers still travel to far reaches of the planet looking for surplus bargains and we will continue to carry these interesting and unique products forever, knowing realistically that this part of the business will remain even though relatively small as a percentage of our total business. "Military Products Made To A Specification Not A Price"

Marketing Concept

Aussie Disposals is the best known disposals/camping store in Australia.

This loyalty has been built from over 50 years of continually advertising across all mediums. Our most successful form of advertising so far has been via catalogues. We drop approximately two million catalogues at a time and find that this type of saturation into customer's homes is both efficient and cost effective. We provide a specific amount of catalogues to each franchisee based on turnover; free of charge and any requirements over and above this are at franchisees costs. Distribution is at franchisees cost also.

Other forms of advertising are T.V., radio and press as well as magazines and individual marketing campaigns and promotions within individual territories. All the necessary information and press mock-ups of advertisements are produced via our in-house marketing department at no charge to the franchisee.

We have registered the trademark:


As a way of encompassing all aspects of our target market

Financial Requirements

There are three ways of looking at this, one is a "green site" that is a start from scratch scenario, or secondly, a buy out of an existing franchise operation, or finally, the buyout of a company owned store. Below are the details of each individual scenario.

Green Site

Capital required between $185,000 to $275,000

Included in this amount:
  • Stock
  • Fixtures and Fittings
  • Signwriting / Signage
  • Franchise Fee
Buyout of existing Franchise Business
  • These range dramatically as with any business on turnover, profitability, suitability, location and of course good will.
  • A range for indication only is between $150,000 to $550,000. This is based on sales of business over that last 5 years.

Buyout of existing Company Owned store  This is similar to point 2 and the price range is virtually the same, and again is an all-inclusive price. We are proactive with our company owned managers on this level and have already sold some existing company owned stores to managers and other executives within the company. We believe there is no better opportunity than to buy a business that you know and have actually worked in for several years.

N.B. All above examples do not include working capital from the time you commence trading, an effective overdraught facility needs to be in place for this.

The Fees

The franchisor charges a flat 11% royalty which is charged on gross sales excluding G.S.T. The initial franchise fee is $25,000 + GST for new franchise applications. The fee payable for an existing franchise store conversion is $12,500 + GST. The franchisor does not charge an advertising levy. Advertising is produced corporately with catalogues, T.V., radio and press. However local distribution is at franchisee cost. A percentage of free catalogues is given to franchisees based on a formula identical to company owned stores.


An Aussie Disposals franchise offers the opportunity to enter into a system, where you receive the support of Directors, Executive and team members that have the combined experience of over 50 years in retail.

Aussie Disposals is a unique company, successfully selling an interesting and diverse range of products. We are more than happy with our own store and have found a balance in our personal life as well as financial security, which we all strive for.

60 Years of Good Will and over 40 years of Franchising Success.

If you require more info about sites or our thirty years of successful Franchising, contact:

Jamie Dorrity

Franchise Director

Phone: +61 (03) 9799 5777 Fax: (03) 9799 5755

PO Box 121 Hampton Park, VIC, 3976