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Sleeping Bags for Sale in Australia

Are you looking for sleeping bags that are suitable for camping, hiking and backpacking outdoors? At Aussie Disposals, you won’t find a better range of options anywhere else. We offer solutions that are suitable for adults, couples, junior kids and adolescent children. Whether you’re after a rugged swag bag for one or a hooded jumbo size bag for two, we’ve got you covered.

We source our products from leading brands such as Hi-Country and 23Zero, meaning you can rest easy knowing that our sleeping bags are made from the highest quality materials. They’ll serve you well no matter what the temperature and conditions are, keeping you warm and comfortable even during extreme cold weather. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with the experience.


How Do You Choose the Right Sleeping Bag?

Choosing the right sleeping bag will depend on multiple factors. These include how much comfort you want, whether you’ll be sleeping alone or snuggling with someone else, the size of your tent or swag, and whether you have any children travelling with you.


How Warm Are the Sleeping Bags?

Our sleeping bags are made with materials that can insulate you from extreme cold weather, keeping you warm even when temperatures outside your tent or swag plummet.


What if I Don’t Like the Sleeping Bag I Purchased?

If you’re unhappy with your purchase, you can speak to us and we’ll do our best to help. This may include providing a refund or a replacement.


What Age Are Kids’ Sleeping Bags Suitable For?

Kids’ sleeping bags are 170cm x 75cm to suit children of all ages. You can discuss your requirements with one of our staff who can recommend something appropriate for your child.


Do You Need to Put Anything Under Sleeping Bags?

That depends on the sleeping bag. Some don’t require anything underneath, while others may need additional protection from ground moisture and other elements.


Check Out Our Sleeping Bags Today

If you’re looking for a shop that stocks quality sleeping bags for sale at affordable prices, you can’t go wrong choosing Aussie Disposals. Browse our range and buy online using our convenient check out system, or view and get products in-store. You can also contact us to learn about what we have available for outdoors enthusiasts in Australia or enquire about a bulk order.