Ledlenser Torches

Ledlenser Torches

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  1. LEDLENSER MT6 Torch



    The LEDLenser MT6 provides 600 lumens of light, 260m of range and up to 192 hours of battery life.

  2. LEDLENSER MT10 Torch

    LEDLENSER MT10 Torch


    The Ledlenser MT10 is compact, and still packs serious beam power and allows for a massive 144 hours of battery life when on the low power setting.

  3. LEDLENSER MT14 Torch

    LEDLENSER MT14 Torch


    The Ledlenser MT14 is compact, and packs serious beam power and allows for a massive 192 hours of battery life when on the low power setting.

  4. LEDLENSER MT18 Torch

    LEDLENSER MT18 Torch

    The Ledlenser MT18 is one of the most impressive units introduced in the 2017 Outdoor Ledlenser range. With an enormous 3000 lumen capacity, up to 540 meters of range and up to 96 hours of battery life - this torch is seriously powerful. The torch is able to be fully recharged, durable and a convenient size for use and transit.
  5. Ledlenser P7

    Ledlenser P7


    The Ledlenser P7 is an excellent torch no matter what you use it for. Whether you are camping, fishing, or just around the house, this torch is perfect for you. With a minimum of 40 lumens and a maximum of 450 lumens, you will be able to take this torch anywhere.

  6. Ledlenser K4R Keychain Torch

    Ledlenser K4R Keychain Torch

    The K4R key ring lamp raises performance, technology and design to a new level. This small everyday helper housed in a high-quality and well-designed aluminium case reaches up to 60 lumens and provides wide area illumination. The first light in the new K-series, the K4R is rechargeable and is equipped with the additional safety of an SOS distress signal mode.
  7. Ledlenser P7R Torch

    Ledlenser P7R Torch

    The new Ledlenser P7R gives you the look, feel and features of the world’s best-selling flashlight the P7.2 and adds recharge-ability for an even better experience. The P7R represents a momentous step-up from the non-recharging model in both performance and technology. This torch boasts a massive 1000 lumens brightness.
  8. LEDLenser 'T' Square QC

    LEDLenser 'T' Square QC


    A popular model for hunters, anglers, and uniformed professionals, the Ledlenser 'T' Square QC is a compact, lightweight handheld designed with functionality in mind.

  9. Ledlenser P7QC Quattro

    Ledlenser P7QC Quattro


    The Ledlenser P7QC Quattro comes with a selection of four colours (red, green, blue, white). Simply rotate the mode selector both in active operation and when switched off. While also boasting an impressive max lumen of 220 and a beam distance of 60 meters.

  10. Ledlenser P14 LED TORCH

    Ledlenser P14 LED TORCH

    The Ledlenser P14 is one of the most powerful torches we carry, with a max beam distance of 350 metres and a max lumen rating of 800, you will light up the night sky with this incredible torch.

Items 1 to 10 of 67 total

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The Home of LED LENSER Torches and Headlamps Online 

When you want clean, powerful and energy efficient lighting, you turn to LED LENSER torches. With unmatched quality and superior design, you’ll wonder how you ever managed with other brands. Whether you need this range for your next camping trip, outdoor adventure, home project, or general purpose, you’ll be unlikely to find any other product that offers the same value for your money. 

Nothing but the best LED products 

Aussie Disposals has had a longstanding commitment to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices – and with this goal as our focus, LENSER was an obvious choice. Boasting superior craftsmanship, reliable functionality and the latest in LED technology. 

The powerful LED globes will also provide you with impressive energy efficient lighting, lasting longer and preventing you from needing to replace batteries frequently. 

Our headlamps are fantastic for camping and workers alike 

Many professionals who work in enclosed, or dark spaces require reliable lighting solutions that don’t take away the freedom of their hands. Our headlamps are not only easy to use, but they also use powerful LED globes to provide you with constant and clear light. 

This range is also great for fitness enthusiasts who like to exercise at night, whether by cycling, running, bush walking, or hiking. Our headlamps are lightweight and will only serve as an asset on you on your night time adventures. 

Buy your next torch online and receive nation-wide shipping 

With many physical stores located in most states of Australia, Aussie Disposals has served as a trusted supplier of camping and work supplies for over five decades. This is why we offer a reliable online shopping experience for those who cannot reach one of our stores, providing access to those throughout the country. Our secure payment and free shipping for orders over $100* make buying torches and headlamps online easy. *Exclusions Apply 

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