Ledlenser Torches

Ledlenser Torches

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  1. Ledlenser P17

    Ledlenser P17

    The Ledlenser P17 is our most powerful of the P-series. With a max lumen count of 1000, a max beam range of 450m you will be able to light up the rest of your life with this torch.
  2. Ledlenser P17R

    Ledlenser P17R


    The Ledlenser P17R is our most powerful of the P-series. With a max lumen count of 1000, a max beam range of 450m you will be able to light up the rest of your life with this torch.

  3. Ledlenser F1R

    Ledlenser F1R

    the Ledlenser F1R is a huge 1000Lumens packed into a small torch measuring only 155 mm and weighing 120 g!! It lasts an unbelievable 60 hours and is the ideal rechargeable compact torch that packs a punch!
  4. Ledlenser IW2R Area Light

    Ledlenser IW2R Area Light

    The iW2R is a versatile tool for tradespeople, inspectors and construction workers who need a lamp quickly at hand.
  5. Ledlenser IW4R Area Light

    Ledlenser IW4R Area Light

    The Ledlenser IW4R Area Light is s a rechargeable pocket work light! Only slightly larger than a pen, it illuminates every step at work with just the right light.
  6. Ledlenser IW5R Area Light

    Ledlenser IW5R Area Light

    Ledlenser IW5R Area Light offers a light output up to 300 lumens, and a run time of up to 6 hours. The built-in magnet means the bracket can be attached in different ways to direct the light at the right angle, allowing you to put the light where you need it most.
  7. Ledlenser IW5R Flex Area Light

    Ledlenser IW5R Flex Area Light

    The iW5R flex mini floodlight ensures a clear view and free hands, even when working in extremely tight conditions such as cable shafts and engine compartments.
  8. Ledlenser IW7R Area Light

    Ledlenser IW7R Area Light

    The powerful luminous flux of up to 600 lumens, the flexible tilt mechanism for optimal illumination, as well as the elegant premium housing will help to brighten anyone's day.
  9. Ledlenser IF2R Area Light

    Ledlenser IF2R Area Light

    The mini version of the area light floodlight series provides convenient lighting for tight spaces or for illuminating small areas.
  10. Ledlenser IF3R Area Light

    Ledlenser IF3R Area Light

    The iF3R is a work light with powerful light output. Only 14 cm long, this floodlight has an output of up to 1000 lumen and five brightness settings.

Items 11 to 20 of 45 total

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The Home of LED LENSER Torches and Headlamps Online 

When you want clean, powerful and energy efficient lighting, you turn to LED LENSER torches. With unmatched quality and superior design, you’ll wonder how you ever managed with other brands. Whether you need this range for your next camping trip, outdoor adventure, home project, or general purpose, you’ll be unlikely to find any other product that offers the same value for your money. 

Nothing but the best LED products 

Aussie Disposals has had a longstanding commitment to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices – and with this goal as our focus, LENSER was an obvious choice. Boasting superior craftsmanship, reliable functionality and the latest in LED technology. 

The powerful LED globes will also provide you with impressive energy efficient lighting, lasting longer and preventing you from needing to replace batteries frequently. 

Our headlamps are fantastic for camping and workers alike 

Many professionals who work in enclosed, or dark spaces require reliable lighting solutions that don’t take away the freedom of their hands. Our headlamps are not only easy to use, but they also use powerful LED globes to provide you with constant and clear light. 

This range is also great for fitness enthusiasts who like to exercise at night, whether by cycling, running, bush walking, or hiking. Our headlamps are lightweight and will only serve as an asset on you on your night time adventures. 

Buy your next torch online and receive nation-wide shipping 

With many physical stores located in most states of Australia, Aussie Disposals has served as a trusted supplier of camping and work supplies for over five decades. This is why we offer a reliable online shopping experience for those who cannot reach one of our stores, providing access to those throughout the country. Our secure payment and free shipping for orders over $100* make buying torches and headlamps online easy. *Exclusions Apply 

Contact us online for any enquiries.