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Portable Gas Camping Stoves, Campfire Cooking Gear and Other Supplies

Gas equipment has been an essential part of many family camping holidays, hiking trips and rural escapes over many years. Camping with a portable stove or any other gas cooking gear is inexpensive, as gas is a readily available fuel in most parts of Australia. This is why campers and caravanners all over Australia often choose to use gas for cooking, lighting and even heating.

Enjoy hot meals and beverages with ease

Whether you spent the day driving to your campsite, hiking through the bush or just relaxing by the river, there’s nothing quite like the comfort of getting stuck into a hot meal or a cup of tea.

Aussie Disposals has all the gas cooking supplies you need to whip up your meals when exploring the great outdoors from gas camping stoves through to durable pots and pans. We even stock gas bottles, lanterns, portable heaters and a variety of other gas supplies to ensure you camp in comfort.

Quality gas products that are a must in any camper’s kit

We also offer a selection of high quality cooking gear designed for use over the open fire, such as our teapots, tin billies and tripods. Our cast iron grill hotplates are perfect for cooking meat, and our jaffle makers are an absolute treat! Most of our cast iron comes pre-seasoned and can be used instantly for cooking.

In addition to portable gas camping stoves and campfire cooking gear, Aussie Disposals has a range of gas lanterns, camping showers and portable heaters. Whether you prefer packing light or want all the comforts you can get, shop online or locate your nearest store and you’ll find everything you need.

Our team shares a passion about the outdoors and is familiar with everything we stock, so don’t hesitate to approach us for any suggestions or advice as you browse the range and feel free to contact us with any enquiries. With a wide range, extensive product knowledge and great value for money, Aussie Disposals is sure to help you make the correct decision when selecting your supplies.

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2 Item(s)