Camping Accessories

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  1. Two Prong Tent Peg

    Two Prong Tent Peg

    The perfect lightweight peg for your next trip away
  2. Steel Tent Pegs

    Steel Tent Pegs

    From: $0.79
    Spare pegs for emergencies. Assorted sizes available.
  3. Double Ended Rope Springs

    Double Ended Rope Springs

    The double ended rope springs add extra tension to your guy ropes with wood run.
  4. Canvas Tent Peg Bag

    Canvas Tent Peg Bag

    The durable tent peg bag for all styles of pegs!
  5. Guy Ropes With Wood Run

    Guy Ropes With Wood Run

    Secure heavy tarp shelters, tents and strong enough to hold down structures in tough weather condtions
  6. Adjustable Steel Tent Poles

    Adjustable Steel Tent Poles

    From: $12.99
    This extendable pole starts at 5'2" and rockets all the way up too a massive 9'6"!
  7. Slide Rail -Steel 8' 244cm

    Slide Rail -Steel 8' 244cm

    This extendible pole starts at 4'5" and rockets all the way up too a massive 8"!
  8. Standard Poly Tarps

    Standard Poly Tarps

    From: $3.95
    Standard Polytarps, never leave home without one!
  9. Heavy Duty Poly Tarp

    Heavy Duty Poly Tarp

    From: $19.99
    With hundreds of uses, the Heavy Duty Poly Tarps are made with quality!
  10. Grommet Tool Set

    Grommet Tool Set

    The Heavy Duty Grommet setting tool comes complete with chrome plated Grommets.

    In-store only

    In-store only

Items 1 to 10 of 75 total

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Aussie Disposals is renowned for providing top quality camp accessories. Having all the basics can save your camping trip from becoming a disaster! Being prepared is the most important part about camping!

Choose from a wide range of camping cutlery sets, plates, kettles and more

Our camping accessories range is vast and it covers nearly everything from; repair kits, poles, pegs, guy ropes and hammers, just to name a few. The best way to make sure you have all the essential accessories is to check all your equipment before you leave, there is always something that you might need!

We’re continually updating and improving our range as new and exciting products become available. From camping cutlery, to tools and survival equipment – if we can find a superior alternative out there, then we’ll make it our aim to supply it for our valued customers.

Shop online or in-store

Being the camp accessories specialists, come into store and ask one of our friendly staff for advice. No question is too big or too small for us to handle! Aussie Disposals is the one stop shop for camping accessories.

Alternatively, you can conduct all of your camping shopping online from the convenient of your own home. Our secure payments, ready to ship products and free shipping deals for orders over $100 have made us a go-to source for recreational and serious adventurers alike.

Buy today or continue searching our comprehensive collection

Found all the accessories you’ve been looking for? Don’t stop your roll now, continue browsing our website to find anything else you might need, from outdoor hats and gloves, to reliable campfire cooking equipment, we have it all.

For any queries, please fil in our online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able. Otherwise call us direct on (03) 9799 5777.