Camping Accessories

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  1. Travel Mozzie Net

    Travel Mozzie Net

    Great for any traveller, the Travel Mozzie Net is the compact option for travellers who need the protection while sleeping.
  2. Water Proof Vinyl Ground Sheet

    Water Proof Vinyl Ground Sheet

    This PVC vinyl Ground sheet does the lot! If you get lost you'd wish you had this!
  3. Mini S/s Folding Shovel

    Mini S/s Folding Shovel

    The Mini S/s Folding Shovel is perfect for your camping kit! This shovel is a must have for when you need to dig! If you are digging for a small fire or digging your personal loo in the bush its strong and durable design will handle all your needs!
  4. Folding Pick Mattock

    Folding Pick Mattock

    The folding mattock wooded handle pick is the newest addition to our range of camping entrenching tools. The dominant feature that separates this tool from other picks is the sturdy wooden handle that provides not only girth but considerable length. The 37cm long handle allows for a propelled movement that will ensure maximum impact is absorbed by the ground, hereby giving the results you are after. The mattock picks features further consist of a collapsible tip that functions from a simple twisting mechanism. Conclusively because of the sturdy handle in conjunction with the folding tip, the entrenching tool can be used for anything from 4 x 4, hiking and Gold panning.

    In-store only

    In-store only

  5. Folding Shovel With Pick

    Folding Shovel With Pick

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $14.99

    A super handy lightweight shovel, perfect for camping

5 Item(s)



Aussie Disposals is renowned for providing top quality camp accessories. Having all the basics can save your camping trip from becoming a disaster! Being prepared is the most important part about camping!

Choose from a wide range of camping cutlery sets, plates, kettles and more

Our camping accessories range is vast and it covers nearly everything from; repair kits, poles, pegs, guy ropes and hammers, just to name a few. The best way to make sure you have all the essential accessories is to check all your equipment before you leave, there is always something that you might need!

We’re continually updating and improving our range as new and exciting products become available. From camping cutlery, to tools and survival equipment – if we can find a superior alternative out there, then we’ll make it our aim to supply it for our valued customers.

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