How To Layer Clothing

How To Layer Clothing

Now that we are reaching the heart of winter it is more important than ever to know how to layer your clothing correctly. Whether you are camping, fishing, hiking or hunting staying warm will keep you happy and healthy.

All you need is 3 different layers.


 Thermal Layer

A base layer is the layer closest to your skin which collects the most sweat. The base layer is to keep you dry by wicking away moisture from your skin and moving it towards the outer layers. This layer should fit snugly against your skin. Thermals are most preferred for this layer.


 Fleece Layer

The mid layer insulates and retains body heat through trapped air. This layer also continues to draw moisture away from the body. Fleece and down are most preferred for this layer.


 Shell Layer

The outer layer, also referred to as a shell, is the layer that provides all the protection from the elements. This layer should be waterproof, windproof and preferably breathable to help expel the moisture from your body.



This handy layering system will keep you toasty warm all winter long!