It's time to go Easter Camping

It's time to go Easter Camping

There’s never a bad time for camping, so long as you are equipped with the right gear, but there’s a great time for camping. Here are three reasons why you should be camping during the Easter break.


Last opportunity for good weather. Daylight savings is among us and we all know that means the colder months have officially creeped very close for comfort. Thankfully the sun isn’t quite yet fighting for the spotlight with those menacing rain-clouds, so before they come and keep us indoors, we should surely savour the last moments of good weather. The Easter weekend will be the final opportunity to send off summer and what better way to do that than a four-day camping trip that can help break that work routine and give you a boost of vitamin camping.



A digital detox. You don’t have to admit it, but you’re probably glued to some form of technology for the majority of the day, work related or not. The Easter weekend is a four-day chance to disconnect from the overload of information we’re met with day-to-day, helping us reconnect with ourselves and the people around us. A detox also disrupts any repetitive movements from technology use that can lead to chronic problems, whether it’s being sedentary, slouching, or typing. Your mind and body will thank you for a digital detox and leave you more productive for the working week. There’s no better place to give a digital detox a go than over the Easter weekend break.



More Family Time. Camping as a family can be a powerful tool for bonding, teamwork and development. There is no greater activity than camping to bring a whole family together and depending on the ages of your children or family members, tasks such as putting the tent up, cooking dinner and washing up can be just as special as any other activity. Of course, activities such as swimming, hiking and fishing or learning something new will definitely provide a bonding opportunity. The simplest of things, like learning how to tie a knot or going on an Easter egg hunt, can bring you and your loved ones together.