4 Tips to surviving camping in the cold

4 Tips to surviving camping in the cold

If you’re anything like our team at Aussie Disposals, then saying goodbye to pristine camping weather is tough. But, what if there was a way to seize camping opportunities even in the colder months? Well, there is, and all you need to remember is four simple tips.


One. Keep your feet warm. Feet play a massive role in regulating your body’s temperature. You want to pack socks that will keep you warm and limit perspiration. Thick bamboo socks lock in the heat without leaving that sweaty feeling. Stocking up on socks and pairing them with waterproof footwear will help keep in your body heat.


Two. Layer up. Unlike packing for a summer trip where you’ll most likely be rocking swimwear 100% of the time, winter packing is a little more complex. Make sure you pack a combination of clothes that will keep you warm and dry. Begin by thinking about a bottom layer, we suggest thermals. In our opinion, Thermals are a must-have to layer under t-shirts or long sleeves. Make sure you pack enough warm pants and jumpers to last you for your trip, and a waterproof rain jacket that is both breathable and keeps you dry – a 10,000/10,000 rating is good, here’s a good example.


Three. Quality sleeping kit. Nothing can dampen your camping experience more than lying awake at night because of the cold or, even worse, waking up frozen. To stop this from ever happening, you need to think about getting yourself the right sleeping bag. When picking a sleeping bag, make sure you match the degree specifications to the temperatures you’ll be camping. Sleeping bag specifications are rated in ‘comfort rating’ or ‘extreme rating’. At Aussie Disposals we measure in comfort rating which basically means the degree shown is a temperature you can comfortably sleep in without feeling any cold. On the other hand, an extreme rating displays a temperature which you can sleep in and will survive but will feel the cold.


Four. Warm meals. As we all know, one of the fastest and most efficient ways to heat yourself up is by drinking a warm beverage, well, the same goes for food. Investing in a cast iron camp oven is a great way to ditch the baked beans on toast, and enjoy a wider variety of foods, like a succulent roast, while you’re camping.


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