For Schools, Clubs and Organisations

Aussie Dispatch is a division of Aussie Disposals that has been introduced to rewards schools, clubs and organisations for shopping in our stores.  Aussie Dispatch clients can enjoy a dedicated representative who will custom design a discounted product list or booklet with outdoor and camping requirements to suit your camps, hikes or outdoor activities. Every time you shop with us you are also entitled to receive many benefits and rewards.


Exclusive Discount List Or Booklet – How It Works:

You supply us with an equipment list or we can develop one to suit your needs. Then we compare products and choose the best for your camp/activity. Each product is discounted by your special rate saving you up to 33%.


Claim Rewards:

A rewards system has been implemented based on the amount of sales generated from the school/club or organisation. You can accrue points for all the purchases your group makes at an Aussie Disposal store. This then entitles you to receive a gift voucher that can be used to purchase any products sold by Aussie Disposals. For example, the gift voucher could be used to purchase new outdoor education equipment. The reward system is based on the school’s/club or organisations sales per annum and the category levels available are Platinum (highest), Gold, Silver, Bronze, Level 1 and Entry Level


To get started just call Ryan Hewett on 03 9799 5777 or email

Aussie Dispatch extra features

Options include -

  • Account system (30 days)
  • Phone orders
  • Personalised service
  • After hours shopping
  • Group buying
  • Product showing
  • Access to large quantities of products
  • Bulk purchase discounts
  • Internet access to products